Key Questions to Ask Your Commercial Construction Company

Commercial construction project site.

Choosing a commercial construction company might be confusing because there are numerous options available. A thorough investigation is required to make the best decision possible for your project, and this involves asking the right questions. These five key questions will assist you in evaluating whether a commercial construction company is a good fit for your specifications.

What is Your Company’s Experience and Background in Commercial Construction?

A company with an excellent background in the industry generally has a solid track record that speaks louder than any sales pitch. Such companies usually offer precise market-rate bids, which are evidence of their proficiency in accurately forecasting project costs. Avoid commercial construction companies which offer substantially lower bids should as they may be inexperienced or have a tendency to take short cuts. Furthermore, some companies focus on specific building types, like offices or retail establishments, so be sure their experience matches the needs of your project.

Can You Show Some Previous Projects in the Same Niche?

Reputable commercial construction firms are eager to provide references from completed projects. This enables you judge the caliber of their work in while also demonstrating the skills they have. It is a good idea to ask for references; satisfied past customers and returning customers are great signs of an established company.

What is Your Timeline for this Commercial Construction Project?

A reputable construction company will always offer a reasonable schedule for your project, encompassing everything from the planning phase to the completion of project. This timeline must compensate for unanticipated events such severe weather, while ensuring a reliable finish date. Avoid companies which offer incredibly quick turnaround times, since they may end up compromising quality in order meet deadlines. Deadline failures on a regular basis may indicate red flags.

How Do You Handle On-Site Safety?

When it comes to commercial construction, safety matters first. Companies upholding thorough security protocols and quickly resolve any issues indicates their commitment to maintain a safe work environment. Regular injuries at construction site may cause unnecessary delays in the project. If an organization is ambiguous or defensive when questioned about their safety record, there may be underlying issues. Select a company which puts equal emphasis on safety and other project-related factors.

Are Your Cost Estimates Fixed or Variable?

An experienced construction company provides reliable cost estimates owing to their established supplier ties. Fixed costs are better since they avoid unexpected fees, which might irritate customers. Make sure that the company can provide a comprehensive breakdown of costs up front and is transparent about their pricing.

Wrap Up!

By asking these questions, you can effectively narrow down your choices. Thereby, selecting an experienced, reliable, and transparent commercial construction company. This ensures a smoother construction process and a successful project outcome.

If you’re looking for a commercial construction company to handle your project, Blackstone Corporation can be a good choice. Our team believe in transparent communication and keep client in loop throughout the project. Contact us to discuss your project detail!

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