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Blackstone Corporation Inc. Commercial General Contractor, a construction company provides Design/Build General Contractor services to its clients that entail important construction management benefits such as the early identification of final costs, superior design in a collaborative process, and project execution in record time.

General Contracting

Blackstone Corporation, Inc. is a Commercial General Contractor managing and Building projects of commercial scale, serving its clientele that is spread all across the state of Michigan. We are experts in our specialized field of work i.e. commercial construction, retail construction.....

Construction Management

Blackstone Corporation. is a General Contracting company that offers a comprehensive set of general contractor, commercial construction, retail construction, industrial construction and construction management services to its clients. By hiring Blackstone Corporation, Inc. as your, ...

Commercial Construction

Blackstone Corporation., is a diversified Commercial General Contractors, fulfilling the customer’s needs for construction of commercial & Retail projects. Founded in 1999, Blackstone Corporation. has been operating in Michigan ....


Terri Jowett

Owner: Jowett Funeral Home

Would just like to say, we would highly recommend Blackstone Corporation. They have done two major major construction Projects for us. They have done wonderful work. We’ve never had any problems or concerns. Their bids were right on. Workmanship is excellent. They are always available to speak to, when needed. Communication is key. Jowett Funeral Home, New Haven and Port Huron

Mr. Asjad

President: AMDA Center

Excellent experience with Blackstone Corporation. Very professional, keeps in the loop during construction process with regular feedback. Very accommodating and friendly. Knows the work and knows exactly how to handle the job.

Nick Nguyen

Owner: Bambu Drinks Madison Heights Michigan

Highly recommend Blackstone Corporation! great communication. very good work in a timely manner! very honest above all!!!! consider him a friend now. thanks for the excellent job.

Pamela Balas

Owner: Biggby Coffee Commerce Township MI

Very competitive bid Bid true to actual cost met all timelines Excellent workmanship Superior customer service

Dr. Zarina Banu

Dr Banu: Smile Fresh Dental

Executed my dream project very Professionally and was very creative based on the scope of this project with respect to budget while not compromising on quality. This was my first major project to build a dental practice from ground up. I’ll not hesitate to contract Blackstone again for my next project.


Blackstone Corporation., is a diversified Commercial General Contractors, fulfilling the customer’s needs for construction of commercial & Retail projects. Founded in 1999, Blackstone Corporation. has been operating in Michigan since then. The clientele is based primarily in Michigan and customers from nearby locales also have their projects completed satisfactorily by Blackstone Corporation.


Diversity is the mantra for Blackstone Corporation. Instead of focusing on any one type of construction, the organization has diversified and accepted all kinds of challenges offered. This has resulted in our ability to do all kinds of constructions, industrial or commercial.

Every project that Blackstone Corporation. takes up is completed with the utmost perfection and expertise. We ensure that there are no complaints once the job is done. Emphasis is placed on completing the job in the first attempt so that the client returns satisfied. This is part of our goal to develop long-term relationships with out clients. Providing quality customer support is our aim, which is why customers come back to us.

Construction is a competitive industry and Blackstone Corporation, is one of the many companies offering services in Michigan. Yet, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the leading organizations in this field. This can be attributed to our world-class customer relationship program, in addition to a number of factors such as experience, expertise, attitude and knowledge of our workforce. Moreover, each project completed by Blackstone Corporation reflects quality.

Blackstone Corporation., strives to complete projects efficiently and within the given deadline. There are no delays on our part during any project. Our ability to complete the job quickly ensures that you don’t have to go over budget. At Blackstone Corporation., customers are assured of receiving quality, cost effectiveness and efficiency.


IAGD Rochester Hills MI

Mass Grading/ Land Balancing Video in October 2016

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