How to Prevent Carpet Mold? – Ultimate Guide to Mold Remediation

Your carpets are meant for aesthetic feel, warmth, comfort, and coziness in your home. However, they will no longer serve the purpose if mold sets in. In fact, it will not only give ugly feel and bad odor, but can also trigger respiratory or other health issues for your loved ones. Carpet mold is something that you really need to worry about. Prevention is always better than cure, so here are some mold remediation measures you can consider to protect your expensive and cozy carpets.

Tips for Carpet Mold Remediation

Controlling Moisture Level

Before going for mold remediation, it’s important to identify the cause of mold which is damaging your carpets. In majority of the cases, the answer is moisture. Try to keep your carpets dry to prevent mold growth. If you see any unsightly mold growth on your carpets, immediately look for any spills or water damage sites. These problems should be addressed on urgent basis.

You can also hire expert services to get rid of mold sites and bad odor completely. At PuroClean, our team evaluate the situation and identify root cause to suggest the best mold remediation solution. We focus on determining mold’s moisture source, deodorization, and prevention of further growth.

Frequent Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning is the key in preventing and inhibiting the growth of mold in your carpets. It is recommended to vacuum clean your carpets at least once in a week. However, the cleaning frequency should be selected as per need. Getting professional carpet cleaning services annually or biannually will ensure that your carpets are free from any debris that could favor mold growth.

If you wish to hire PuroClean expert services for mold remediation, the you don’t need to worry about anything else. We utilize HEPA filtration and HEPA vacuuming technology to clean your carpets and other non-porous materials. Thus, leaving your place the way it was before.

Home-based Mold Remediation Tricks

You can use several home remedies for mold control, if you feel that mold sites are just appearing in your carpets. Cleaning the affected areas with vinegar can do the job, unless the damage is irreversible. Baking soda can serve as a good alternative of vinegar. Just sprinkle it on mold sites, then vacuum clean your carpet after 24 hours and you’re good to go.

These remedies can only work to a certain extent. If mold growth has already seeped through multiple layers, then you need to contact a professional damage restoration company, like PuroClean of Rochester Hills.

Hiring a Professional Mold Remediation Service

The best approach on suspecting carpet mold is to isolate the affected carpet and calling for a professional mold remediation service, immediately. Don’t forget to use gloves and wear a face mask while isolating the space.

Once you’ve practiced the initial safety measures, search for a reliable mold remediation and restoration company. You can simply start by searching best remediation services in Rochester Hills and you’ll get a list to choose from.


You can follow the above tricks and remedies to get rid of carpet mold. However, the best approach is to call a professional help for mold remediation. Be sure to choose the best, and contact PuroClean of Rochester Hills if you’re looking for the most effective solution.

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