How to Locate Water Damage in Your Property?

Technician from water damage restoration company to check for potential leaks.

Emergencies can arise all of a sudden, so you must be prepared beforehand. And when it comes to water damage in property, a small leak or a burst pipe can cost you hefty repair bills if left unnoticed. Locating such leaks can be quite challenging as water pipeline are mostly kept hidden for aesthetic reasons. Then, how can you locate such leaks before it leads to major property damage? Well, there are certain steps that you can take to identify and repair minor leaks. However, approaching a reliable water damage restoration company is always the best choice.

Signs of Water Damage in your Property

By the time you can spot a water leak, you already have a water damage to deal with. However, quick and strategic approach towards water damage restoration can save you time and money. Here’re some signs that you have water leaks.

Sudden Rise in Water Bills

Most of the time, water damage isn’t evident from visual aspects like damp patches or water bubbling out from the ground. Examining water bills can be the best approach to identify hidden water leaks in your property.

Whether it’s your residential property under your own use or a rented property, monthly water bills are always predictable. If you notice major differences in your current bill from the previous ones, you should better seek a plumber to check for potential water leaks.

Paint Damage & Wet Walls

People often consider damaged paint or wallpaper as the result of bad quality products used by the contractor. But that’s not always the problem. A hidden water leak inside the wall may also appear as damp patches on the exterior.

A close examination of your property can help you identify water leaks before they get into leased units. Think of water leak as a possible reason, when you notice wet drywalls or water sprayed roof tops.

Appearance of Mold Spots

House molds require moisture and damp spaces to thrive and spread. So, if you notice mold spots at walls, ceilings, or other spaces then it might come with an underlying water damage or minor leaks in pipe. Sometimes, it can just be a musty smell in particular area or room.

If you notice any one of the above mentioned situations, don’t waste time to call a qualified plumber to check for water leaks. However, you might need mold remediation services to clear all the mold from your property.

How to Deal with Water Damage?

Minor leaks can lead to major water damage problems to your property, if left unseen. So, you should focus on even small changes to your walls, ceilings, basements, and other areas of your house. Although your plumber can help you with minor leaks, experts water damage restoration services are required to prevent major damage.

When it comes to water damage restoration in Michigan, there can’t be a better option that PuroClean of Rochester Hills. Qualified and experienced personnel at PuroClean consults with your insurance company to find the perfect solution for your property. Noticed a damp patched wall or mold growth in your basement? Call PuroClean and discuss with the experts!

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