Mold Remediation – A Step-by-Step Guide

PuroClean mold remediation team restoring office space.

House mold is much more than an unsightly appearance and bad odor. It comes with so many health issues that you really need to worry if you notice green or black mold in your house. Mold remediation can be a daunting task when it’s just building up in dark and dingy areas of your property. But once it spreads, dealing with it can be even more challenging.

Moist and dark places are the most common sites for house mold as moisture provides the best breeding ground for mildew. As house mold spreads at an alarming rate, it’s always a better idea to call a professional mold remediation service immediately after spotting mold. Here’s how a mold remediation company, like PuroClean can help you.

Step-by-Step Mold Remediation Guide

Step 1 – Mold Assessment

If you’re suspecting any mold sites in your house, don’t waste a second to call PuroClean of Rochester Hills. The process starts with thorough examination of the site to identify all the suspected sites of mold growth. By carefully examining the type and nature of mold, they will work out the best mold remediation plan for you. In addition to providing full mold removal services, PuroClean team will identify and fix the moisture source to avoid future problems.

Step 2 – Containment of the Affected Area

This step is crucial for avoiding the spread of mold spore to unaffected areas of your house. The ultimate procedure for containment will depend on the degree of mold damage. However, the most common methods used by PuroClean mold remediation team include closing doors/windows, covering HVAC vents, polyethylene sheeting, and HEPA-filtered fans to maintain negative pressure.

Step 3 – Cleaning & Sanitation of Structure

To get rid of the mold completely, all of your furniture and porous surfaces like insulation and ceiling tiles will be removed and cleaned. If you consider hiring PuroClean team for mold remediation, they will clean your household items using wet vacuum and damp wipes. The final touch up will be HEPA vacuuming of dried items. And that’s it, your entire space is free from mold.

 Step 4 – HEPA Air Filtration

Cleaning structures is not enough, as most of the mold spores are contained in air. So, it’s very important to filter the air of affected area. At PuroClean, High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration and vacuuming is used to trap any mold spores in the filters and cleaned air is then returned to the home. This technique is highly effective in removing dust, purifying air, and cleaning non-porous materials.

Step 5 – Deodorization

Mold sites can be very unpleasant with musty smell all around. So, getting rid of that smell is as important as mold removal. Our expert team at PuroClean will deodorize the space after cleaning and drying your property, leaving it the way it was before that unpleasant event.

Why PuroClean Mold Remediation Services?

Doing mold remediation yourself may seem a good idea, but actually it’s not. House molds are highly contagious and can quickly spread to other areas of property if disturbed without proper precautionary measures. Consider hiring a reliable mold remediation service, like PuroClean. What makes PuroClean stand out from others is their ongoing communication with clients and insurance provider, so all of them are at same page throughout the process. Experiencing indoor allergy symptoms or mold sites? Contact PuroClean of Rochester Hills and find the best mold remediation plan for your property!

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