About Us


Blackstone Corporation., is a diversified Commercial General Contractors, fulfilling the customer’s needs for construction of commercial & Retail projects. Founded in 1999, Blackstone Corporation. has been operating in Michigan since then. The clientele is based primarily in Michigan and customers from nearby locales also have their projects completed satisfactorily by Blackstone Corporation.

Numerous commercial and industrial projects have been completed by Blackstone Corporation. since it started operating. Not only are we able to plan your construction from the first step, we can also complete any project left midway by another contractor. Our crew has the expertise and experience to complete every project which is offered to us.


Diversity is the mantra for Blackstone Corporation. Instead of focusing on any one type of construction, the organization has diversified and accepted all kinds of challenges offered. This has resulted in our ability to do all kinds of constructions, industrial or commercial.

Every project that Blackstone Corporation. takes up is completed with the utmost perfection and expertise. We ensure that there are no complaints once the job is done. Emphasis is placed on completing the job in the first attempt so that the client returns satisfied. This is part of our goal to develop long-term relationships with out clients. Providing quality customer support is our aim, which is why customers come back to us.

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