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Commercial Construction Manager

Construction Management

Blackstone Corporation. is a Commercial General Contracting and Commercial Construction Management  Company that offers a comprehensive set of general contracting, commercial construction, retail construction, industrial construction and construction management services to its clients. By hiring Blackstone Corporation, Inc. as your Construction Manager, you will be using the skills of our experienced team as they supervise every aspect of the project. Whether it is planning, scheduling, budgeting, or project management you be sure of one thing that is high quality deliverance by our expert commercial construction managers.

As experts at Construction Management, Blackstone Corporation, Inc. acts as a representative and on-site consultant for its clients, while working in collaboration with architects, engineers, attorneys, bankers, and public officials as a commercial contracting manager to make sure that the project runs smoothly from the beginning to the end. Blackstone Corporation, Inc. performs many important functions to ensure the success of your project, like cost estimates for ascertaining project feasibility, suggestions for corrections, and improvement in the project in line with the clients’ requirements.

Once we are through with the project design phase, we send the project documents to a wide variety of subcontractors and suppliers to get bids, as a typical project needs about 20 to 30 different trade contractors. Upon receiving the bids from 3 to 5 contractors of each trade, our team analyzes the rates, perform references checking, and then creates a report. This report is discussed with the clients to assess the best contractor for the project and to finalize the subcontracting process.

After signing the subcontracting agreements, the construction management team at Blackstone Corporation, Inc. establishes a pragmatic construction schedule; so that construction of any nature including general construction, industrial construction, commercial construction, or retail remodel can begin as soon as possible and will progress smoothly over its course.

At Blackstone Corporation Inc. we have a proven track record of delivering numerous successful projects within the budget constraints as commercial general contractors. Call us today to setup a no obligation introductory meeting with our experts, and we assure that you will like our realistic approach to construction management.