Commercial Building Project Design

Design Build Construction

Design Build Construction Blackstone Corporation Inc. a Design Build Construction Company that provide Design Build construction services to its clients that entail important construction management benefits such as the early identification of final costs, superior design in a collaborative process, and project execution in record time. Our Design Build construction experts work closely with selected architects, [...]
Commercial Construction Manager

Commercial Construction Management

Construction Management Blackstone Corporation. is a Commercial General Contracting and Commercial Construction Management  Company that offers a comprehensive set of general contracting, commercial construction, retail construction, industrial construction and construction management services to its clients. By hiring Blackstone Corporation, Inc. as your Construction Manager, you will be using the skills of our experienced team as [...]
Commercial Construction

Commercial General Contracting

Commercial General Contracting Blackstone Corporation, Inc. is a Commercial General Contractor managing and Building projects of commercial scale, serving its clientele that is spread all across the state of Michigan. We are experts in our specialized field of work i.e. commercial construction, retail construction, and industrial construction because we have a rich experience of over [...]
Value Engineering of Commercial Project

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Contractor Blackstone Corporation., is a diversified Commercial Construction Contractors, fulfilling the customer’s needs for construction of commercial & Retail projects. Founded in 1999, Blackstone Corporation. has been operating in Michigan since then. The clientele is based primarily in Michigan and customers from nearby locales also have their projects completed satisfactorily by Blackstone Corporation. Numerous [...]

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